can u use ducks to represent math?

my friend said a duck could be use to take a math equation and represent it. like if you have 2 or something ducks you can add one 1 to make three and stuff like that. is this even true? who does this in a profession also?

Hello dickflickins!

I am not entirely sure what you mean. Are you talking about word problems? Like, if I have a duck and you have a duck, then together we have two ducks? Of course that is true! We do that kind of math every day, whether it’s cars, or sandwiches… I don’t know what else to really say about your question though. Maybe you could go into more depth? Thanks for asking!

PS: when I first read your question I was worried that you were talking about some kind of special “duck math” that I hadn’t learned yet

well no miles that is not really what i meen. i mostly am refering to a poem by my friend fifi nono and he said that if i have 1 one duck and he has two duck then is a three duck. i not sure if it a poem or equation but the question remains. is a duck representative of the population of equations we see day to day? i also can take a look at a profession u can learn from or do it about once a day to figure it out or if it something that one can simply imagine or read about

Hmm… Maybe ask your friend fifi nono to be more specific about this poem and/or equation. Because as of right now I still don’t understand!

In the mean time, here is a textbook I found. Maybe it will interest you:

i thought u were a expert. what is the point of u if you refuse to answer a question…he said it is a poem but does not even make a different. i want to no a simple question but is like pulling a teeth from you to even get it out of you. i think i will just ask him for a explanation to my question because it seem like you dont even no what u are saying anymore. maybe is a late for you? maybe go to bed? maybe u should go back to school an learn a math a bit more??/?

Yessir, time for bed:
zzZ(‾‾º ‾‾ )

are u woken up n time to answer my question now?

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