Strategy for increasing likelihood of winning Poshmark prize for uploading clothing

So, I sell clothing on Poshmark, and somedays they have a raffle like thing where if you upload new items, you are entered to win money. There’s one winner every hour, and for every listing you create, you get a “ticket”, increasing your chances of winning. Let’s assume that the number of people who upload each hour is the same, like 200 entries other than mine, and let’s say I have 10 items I can upload. Would I have greater chances of winning if I uploaded all 10 in one hour, or would it be better to upload 1 each hour for 10 hours? Or something in between? Thanks!!

Thanks for the question! If I’m interpreting your question correctly, it seems that you have the same probability of winning either way. Take case 1), where you put all your entries in the first hour. You then have a \frac{10}{201} chances of winning. Now take case 2), where you do one entry per hour for ten hours, then your probability of winning is \underbrace{\frac{1}{201} + \frac{1}{201} + \cdots + \frac{1}{201}}_{\text{10 times}} = \frac{10}{201}.

Hope this helps, and let me know If you have any questions!

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